If Antarctica and the South Pole are destinations you would love to gaze upon from the comfort of a Dreamliner window, then read on.

 Chimu’s Great Southern Flights, operating from capital cities in Australia this summer, are your perfect boredom breaker. Bust out of ordinary and do something truly extraordinary!

These fully catered charter flights will take you to witness some of our planet’s most breath-taking scenery and offer incredible experiences whilst you never officially leave Australia!

Domestic flights means no quarantine required.

South Pole Scenic Flight 

Nowhere in the world can you travel on a scenic flight, from your home country, to witness the beauty and sheer expanse of the continent of Antarctica; from the shore, across the Ross Ice shelf and all the way to the South Pole, before returning home on the same day!

Travelling with modern day explorers, you will hear first-hand stories about the challenges and adventures experienced on the white continent, including formidable stories such as the race to the South Pole by Amundsen and Scott as you retrace their routes. 

This flight is a bucket listers dream-come-true!  
Departs Melbourne 27 November 2021.

New Year’s Eve Flight 

How many friends do you know will be bringing in the new year, in the midnight sun, over Antarctica? Why not you? 

Flying through the night, this incredible flight will take you far enough south to witness the sun at midnight, as the stunning continent of Antarctica and all its enigmatic beauty sparkles below you.

 Enjoy live entertainment and sip champagne during one of the most surreal New Year’s celebrations you’ll ever have. Departs: Melbourne 31 Dec 2021

Antarctica Sightseeing Day Flight 

Fly above the scenic shores of Antarctica where you will witness the absolute beauty of this enigmatic continent, witness massive glaciers, the formidable ice shelf, icebergs as large as apartment blocks and operating scientific research stations, all from above.

With 19 different possible routes, no two flights are the same but with navigation flexibility, you are bound to be blessed with clear visibility to the absolute beauty below. 

This flight is a mind-blowing day out for any traveller.  
Departs: Sydney 04 December | Brisbane 23 Jan 2022 | Perth 29 Jan 202

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